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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Hype Wire Service Benefit the Artist?

The Hype Wire’s 30 Day promotional campaigns helps artists bring more attention and engagement to their Instagram profiles from new fans. 

What Does the Setup Consist Of?

Set up involves connecting your Instagram profile to our server.  This requires us to use your Instagram Username/Password.  This is a one-time action.  The Hype Wire does not alter, edit, or add any content to your profile at any point during the campaign.  Our strict privacy/safety policy prohibits us from jeopardizing your account. 

What are Targeted Demographics?

Our goal is to bring attention and engagement to your profile from the right people.  Exposing your music to anyone and everyone is ineffective in establishing new fans.  We want to make sure we target the follower bases of strategic Instagram accounts.  For Artists we want to target followers of Artists who either (a) are from your area of (b) have a similar sound or (c) other artists you have worked with.  This helps establishes commonality, which results in a higher probability of people engaging with you. 

Will The Hype Wire Control My Profile When connected to the server?

The Hype Wire does not add, alter, or edit any content on your Instagram profile.  Once connected to our server you will continue to have full access to your profile as before.  Your profile is simply connected to our server in the background.

How does my profile engage with the demographics we target?

Your profile begins to engage with the followers we specify through natural behaviors, mainly, the act of liking posts.  While we can’t determine what posts will be liked we can select the follower base to target. 

Are the users real?

We target follower bases of real accounts.  All users are authentic.  We do not dump thousands of followers into your account like other companies.  If you ever come across a company that guarantees followers that should immediately be a red flag. 

How many followers can you guarantee during a 30-day campaign?

Exact results very amongst each client as the content, demographics selected, and existing are all different.  However, we guarantee all of our clients progress.  An upper tier client who has quality visual content and good music can see anywhere from 600 – 1500 new followers within a given 30 Day Campaign as well as a 25% – 40% increase in average Likes per picture.  Most importantly, our clients have also seen Comments and DM’s from new people.  Overall, our clients see improved engagement and the opportunity to expand their network.

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